Resumes Tailored to Perfection

Having a CV or resume perfectly tailored to fit the role is crucial in today’s market so that your profile is seen, invited to be interviewed and then hired. 

According to a Forbes article recruiters spend on average 13 hours a week searching for the right candidate for a single vacancy. Sifting through around 250 applications per position, because of this, recruiters, being only human, are prone to making errors, forgetting information or disqualifying candidates based on their unconscious biases. 

Consequently, AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies are making significant shockwaves in the recruitment arena and carrying much of the initial screening legwork.

So how can a candidate increase their chances of being spotted by this new and evolving technology?

By understanding some of the basics of what this technology does and how it works can massively increase our chances of being spotted, included in the hiring process and invited for an interview. 

  1. It is designed to save time

Able to process many more applications at lightning speed, the competition against other candidates is now more fiercer than ever. Standing out from the crowd is becoming more challenging and forcing everyone to “up-their-game”

  1. It is designed to process more detailed information

This technology looks at a wide range of parameters to measure the quality of the candidate, these will be the keywords used in the resume, the accuracy of the information from other online references and the quality of the language used such as grammar etc. 

  1. It is designed improve the quality of the selected candidate

By matching the candidate based on a quality scale, this will create a hierarchy of candidates from 100% downward. Instead of leaving the selection process vulnerable to those influenced for or against unconscious biases, the candidates will be measured and qualified by tangible measurement.   

So, that said – how do we make sure our CVs get spotted?

Firstly, let’s address a misconception of what a CV is believed to be for many people. A CV is a document which should reflect how you are perfect for the role you are applying for. It should be customized for the role and should be edited each time you apply for a different position. 

I see on a daily basis resumes which are being spammed out to hundreds of openings hoping for a bite. With this approach there are just too many misses which have an incredibly negative impact on your mental health, confidence and potential opportunities.

  1. Instead, copy and paste the job description in a word file or google docs, then head to the website of the company and copy and paste their mission, values and anything else you find interesting in that document. 
  1. Highlight the keywords or main points within the requirements that the company is looking for to create a glossary of things you should be including in your resume. 
  1. Click Control/Command F to bring up the finder tool in your resume’s file and look for these words to see how frequently they’re being used or where they’re not. 
  1. Edit your resume include these words where they’re relevant and delete the information that is not adding value to the application.

Use the technology to your advantage, understand that the CV is a document with its mission to get the interview, period. But be sure not to fabricate or make stuff up where you miss certain criteria. Rather, list out these weaknesses and start thinking about what you will say in the interview to block these from becoming objections later on.  

If you’d like to start preparing for a job interview and getting your CV and resume ready, book a discovery call with me today for free to find out how Interview Coaching can increase your chances of getting hired. 

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