It’s not you, it’s me! Turning down a job offer.

🎉Congratulations! You’ve just been given TWO offers!🎉

😕 Now you have to let one of them know you’re turning them down How do you do the “it’s not you, it’s me!”

1. Be Quick, be respectful of the time of others and if you know you won’t be going ahead, let them know in a timely fashion so that they can start reconsidering the other candidates to fill the role

2. Be Sensitive, remember you are going to be communicating with a person who is committed and invested in getting the position filled. They will be disappointed so be as diplomatic as possible.

3. Be Sincere, we would all like to have constructive feedback on why we didn’t get positions we applied for in the past so that we could strengthen and improve on these areas. Be honest with the company and tell them why you chose the other position over them, it could help them improve their hiring process and future offers.

4. Be Thankful, getting an offer is an amazing thing to happen, it is the people within a company indicating that you are the talent and resource they would love to have working alongside them. Maintain good relationships, you never know if your paths may cross again in the future.

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