A Job Interview with Chat GPT and why 30 Interviews later still NOT getting hired!

Over the last year I have seen an enormous rise in popularity of Chat GPT and AI being used by candidates to quickly come up with Interview Answers for job interviews. At the same time, I have seen even more clients struggling at getting hired and underperforming at multiple interview opportunities. One recent client of mine has attended over 30 interviews in the past year and still not been offered a position.

When client X contacted me just over a month ago, I jumped at the challenge and thought here I could make a significant transformational impact on their interview performance. But, what I found out was alarming and I needed to write an article on this topic to save as many who read it from the pains and struggles he faced. His problem was over using Chat GPT and his dependency to come up with stories of his own.  

The Dangers of Overdependence on Chat GPT

Below I will outline some of the major issues noted from listening to their answers and how Chat GPT could be a dead weight holding you back in the interview.

Lack of Authenticity

Interviewers are adept at discerning rehearsed or inauthentic responses. When candidates lean heavily on Chat GPT to generate answers, the authenticity of their responses is often compromised. Authenticity is one of the most crucial factors in building trust during job interviews, and artificial-sounding answers can erode that trust.

Moreover, authenticity in interviews is not just about honesty but also about presenting a genuine version of yourself. When candidates rely excessively on AI for answers, they may inadvertently distance themselves from their true identity and experiences, making it harder for interviewers to connect with them on a personal level.

Instead, think of real experiences you have had in your career that can connect with the answer. Use open ended questions to expand on your experience to bring details to the surface for example:

  • What – what was the task or problem you had to solve?
  • When – when did this happen?
  • Who – who else worked with you, who were the stakeholders?
  • Why – why were you the one tasked with this?
  • Where – what was the company?
  • How – how did you solve the problem?

This, I find, is where having an Interview Coach is the most valuable, having someone to help guide you through your answers and uncover hidden details that can significantly increase the richness, depth and clarity of the answer.

Risk of Deception

One of the most significant dangers of overusing Chat GPT is the temptation to invent or embellish experiences and qualifications. This can lead to candidates presenting themselves in a false light. Such deceit can have serious repercussions, including the potential for being caught during the interview process.

Client X, fell into this trap and after asking some simple probing questions into the stories they were giving me discovered that his examples were not real or at least very exaggerated. He then tried to invent on the spot responses to those probing questions which dug his hole deeper and made the whiff of BS greater. This can quickly unravel their credibility and jeopardize their chances of securing the job.

Missed Opportunities for Self-Reflection

Job interviews offer a valuable opportunity for candidates to reflect on their experiences, skills, and career goals. Overreliance on Chat GPT deprives candidates of this crucial chance for introspection. Instead of gaining a deep understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, they may merely regurgitate pre-written responses.

Self-reflection is a critical aspect of interview preparation because it allows candidates to align their experiences with the specific requirements of the job they are applying for. When candidates rely solely on AI-generated responses, they miss out on the valuable process of self-discovery and may struggle to tailor their answers effectively to the needs of the prospective employer.

Inadequate Adaptation

Interviews are dynamic, and questions often demand nuanced responses based on the specific role and company. Relying on Chat GPT can make candidates inflexible when adapting their answers to the unique demands of each interview. This lack of adaptability can be a significant disadvantage.

Every job interview is unique, and interviewers are looking for candidates who not only possess the required qualifications but also demonstrate a genuine interest in and understanding of the company and its values. Candidates who rely heavily on pre-generated responses may struggle to adapt those responses to align with the organization’s culture, mission, and goals. This lack of alignment can make a candidate appear disengaged or uninterested in the role.

A Balanced Approach to Interview Preparation

To make the most of Chat GPT in interview preparation, it is essential to employ it as a supplementary tool rather than a sole source of answers. Here are some constructive ways to incorporate Chat GPT into your interview preparation strategy:

  • Generating Inspiration – Chat GPT can be a valuable brainstorming tool. It can assist in generating ideas and structuring your thoughts, helping you identify key points you want to address in your answers.
  • Polishing and Refining – After creating your initial responses, leverage Chat GPT to refine and polish your answers. It can aid in enhancing the clarity, conciseness, and coherence of your responses.
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement – Chat GPT can also help you pinpoint areas where your answers may need improvement.

The Road to Successful Interviews

In conclusion, the path to success in job interviews is not one paved with shortcuts and automated answers. It requires genuine effort, self-reflection, and an authentic presentation of your skills and experiences. While Chat GPT and similar tools can be valuable aids in your interview preparation journey, they should never replace the essential work that candidates need to do themselves.

The cautionary tale of my client serves as a stark reminder. He relied solely on Chat GPT to craft his interview responses, leading to 30 unsuccessful interviews. Only after seeking interview coaching did he realize the significance of authentic responses and self-reflection.

If you’re grappling with interview preparation or seeking to maximize your chances of success, I strongly encourage you to take the right step today. Visit InterviewCoach.me and click the “Book a Free Discovery Call” button to schedule a quick chat. Where I’d be over the moon to assist you in building the skills and confidence necessary to excel in your interviews. Don’t let technology be a crutch; let it be a tool to support your journey to interview success.

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