3x 90 Minute Sessions

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3x 90 Minute Sessions

$ 360

Included in your sessions you will get:

List of the Most Recent Commonly Asked Questions

 Multiple Videocall Mock Interview Rehearsals

 Constant Feedback on Performance and Room for Improvement

 Recorded Sessions

 Morning and Evening Availability




Just like selling a product or service, applying several key principles from sales can massively increase your chances of impressing the interviewer and getting hired. In our sessions, you will learn how to confidently package yourself and deeply understand your unique and best-selling features, present your skills and achievements in a way that will allow you to clearly demonstrate how and why you are the perfect candidate for the role.

Our online video call mock interview sessions are custom-built around you. Whatever stage you are at in the hiring cycle, we can tailor a roadmap that works for your goals and needs. Whether you’re starting out at the very beginning, or halfway through, I can support you in creating from scratch a CV/Resume that checks off all the boxes and prepare you to provide confident, well-prepared and well-structured interview answers.


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